Luigi Mecella

Luigi Mecella was born in Fabriano in 1956. After a work experience in another field, in 1985 he entered the hand-made paper workshop of the Paper and Watermark Museum, under the guidance of forty years of experience, in the Cartiere Miliani Fabriano.

After learning all the techniques, in 1990 he enrolled in the Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Ancona as a craftsman for the production of hand-made papers, hiring two "ponitori" collaborators.

It still operates today at the Fabriano Paper and Watermark Museum, managing demonstration, production and teaching activities.


Casa Madonna della Rosa onlus

The "Casa Madonna della Rosa" O.N.L.U.S is a residential structure with a therapeutic rehabilitation character for people with psychiatric problems with 24-hour service continuity. It was inaugurated in 1997 thanks to the idea of the priest Don Nicola Gatti, whose dream was to create a structure that could accommodate people with psychiatric problems, so as to be able to help not only the subjects themselves, but also their families. One floor of the structure is occupied by the paper mill, fully equipped for the production of handmade paper, according to the Fabrianese tradition.

Users are engaged in various activities for the creation of handmade paper and objects, they undertake to create stalls and all the proceeds are used for various activities (trips, stays at the beach, mountains, etc.).

Tel: 0732 625517

Roberta Gagliardini

Gagliardini Roberta was born in Jesi but lives and works in Fabriano. He studies Pictorial Decoration at the State Institute of Art E. Mannucci of Jesi.

After the course of artistic studies he begins to work in the artisan paper sector following the process final quality and packaging, without abandoning the realization of works performed with airbrush, instrument known during the studies, perfecting the technique over time through courses of specialization.

Airbrushing is its main expressive form that combines the beauty and refinement of handmade paper.

Instagram: @gagliardini.roberta
Facebook: Gagliardini Roberta
Tel: 3396126199

Melania Tozzi

Melania Tozzi was born and lives in Fabriano. An eclectic, self-taught and constantly evolving artist, since 2013 he has dedicated himself to the study and production of artisan hemp paper, experimenting with countless uses.

All of her creations, from cards to works of art, are made using only Italian hemp fiber transformed through an innovative totally eco-sustainable process, invented by her, for which she obtained the patent.

The artist adheres to a certain philosophy, working where possible only with what nature offers, also combining recycled materials with strong contrast, creating an interesting visual, tactile and sometimes olfactory impact.

Instagram: @canapacruda
Facebook: CanapaCruda
Tel: 349 3412844

Roberta Brencio

Roberta Brencio was born in Umbria in 1971 and lives and works in Fabriano. Doctor of Psychology, she works in the social field in contact with disabilities.

It all starts with a great passion for books, paper and the strong sensations they give to the touch and smell. Learn how to create cotton paper sheets from prestigious paper makers at the Fabriano Paper and Watermark Museum. The path in the world of hand binding continues and thus his books are born, unique creations of its kind; artifacts resulting from his creativity.

In his creations, the paper is cut and tied by hand, embellished with leather or fabric covers also made with special cuts that highlight the imperfections, whether desired or natural. Finally, his books are decorated with special closures such as jewel buttons of semi-precious stones, copper or ceramic.

Facebook: Le mie creazioni con la carta di Fabriano
Tel: 339 7220907

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